Autumn Rose Swisher received her Bachelors of Fine Art degree in Photography from Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2007.

She was accepted into the New York Studio Program through Parsons in 2006, where she spent a semester in New York interning at the 20x24 Polaroid studio. During her time at 20x24, Autumn worked with highly regarded contemporary photographers, such as Mary Ellen Mark and Elsa Dorfman, among others..

Autumn's current projects include photographing and editing jewelry photos for Maya Jewelry. She contributes to the company’s catalog, website, blog, and a variety of PR projects. She also shot fine Jewelry photos for New York-based Love Adorned and New York Adorned.

In addition too photography, Autumn has worked as a professional body piercer for approximately one bazillion years. She has pierced in a plethora of shops across the U.S., including High Priestess, Robot Piercing, Enigma, New York Adorned, and Body Manipulations. Body modification has become a major part of her work and life, and she dedicates substantial time to documenting this unique community through her photography.

Born in Oregon (and living all across the U.S.), Autumn now spends her days in San Francisco while traveling extensively.

Weasels and Mongoose are most interesting.